Pax Peace Plaque

Pax Peace Plaque The plaque which states the history of the Nomandie disaster and statue in the Nomandie Garden at Pinelawn Cemetary, Long Island, New York, 2013. The plaque reads : This statue, "the bearer of peace", once adorned the interior of the great French Liner Normandie. She had been the symbol of achievment in French culture, art, engineering and industry. As a messenger of goodwill and brotherhood she had called at ports around the world to be hailed and admired. Her tragic end came suddenly when at her pier in the hudson River on February the 9th, 1942, she was destroyed be fire. The statue survived the disaster and found a new home in this park where she will be an inspiring reminder of the ideals which the Normandie embodied and stood for. To her memory this garden is dedicated.